The big thems of smartcity are to reduce environmental burden which was called to reduce discharge of CO2,to introduction of the renewable energy which was colled solar power generation and wind power generation.

Threfore smartcity takes an unprecedented solution while adopting technology to represent ICT positively.It is merely not only to change a figure of acity ,but also to demand charging citizern's lifestyle.Now many proof programs isprogressing for the figure which there should be of smartcity inthe world.The themes including athing thinking about a energy or EV are a great variety of.But after all, the purpose is form of city led by the citizen inthe future .This isn'tthe thing which only the goverment donates to the action citizen.A citizen participate positively each share the future to drow it and give each wisdom and wake it!It is smartcity


It is the next -generation city that carried out exploitation of resources -saving thoroughly by planning electric utilization of the whole city using advanced techniques such as IT or the environmental technology. Itis the citizen-based city systems such as smartgrid which can usu recyclable energy effeciantly and the traffic system using an erectric vehicle or energy saving home appoliance. The proof experiment has started in energy corner of the earth ,and itis carried out even in Japan/


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