K.K《My favorite shape like a strap. It's a triangle.》

I am a leader of Smartcity Creaters.I designed site and made15puzzle. So I designed web site base to made web site. To make 15 puzzle is very difficult. But, I had a rewarding job.Though I think that I don7t help teammate as aleader, web site is complete with all teammate .I am glad to serve this great team's leader.


A.S《My favorite paper size A3》
I took charge of picture processing and to made slide show.
It is difficult for me to made them, because I have never experience them.
I learn them in the work, and I enjoy it!
I’m happy, because we made the website!


N.C《My favorite pose  lying on my stomach》
I was in charge of making the opening movie and taking the picture.
Because I used Flash for the first time, there were new things and what I didn’t know.
A lot, but I heard it to a teacher, the friends and read a book.
And I able to be completed safely. I think that an idea using Lego for is a new work.


Y.Y《My favorite yurukyara is bariisan》
I made web site which leader designed it.
This work is not experience.
So it was very hard at first.for
It completed with teachers and teammate.
I think that teamwork is deep for this work.



Y.S 《The favorite place in the house.One's bed》
I was in charge of a park. The search for mustake used the town which I made with oneself with Lego ! It was difficult for the quiz to think about the contents of the quiz. Finally, Ihad a member help me and was all right because Icooperated when I helped me and was able to make it!

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